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To all photographers, adventure seekers, and everyday people, there is nothing more appealing then having the chance to roadtrip with a couple of friends throughout the long weekend.

Let alone, have the chance to go out and discover new destinations right within the proximity of our own backyard. Road trips are meaningful and represent more than just a car ride to destination A and B, the car is like a symbol of liberation, giving us the chance to escape from the noise of our daily lives and of course the busy city that we live in. We were fortunate to partner up with the  Discount Québec team, as we drove off in a beautiful, Jeep Wrangler to parts where nature is a priority and a lifestyle; we visited places like Mont-Tremblant (Mont-Tremblant, Quebec) about 2 hours and 130 km drive from Montreal, and Cascade Mountain, NY about 2 hours and 30 minutes and a 175 km drive from Montreal.

TARGA SUV - Jeep Wrangler

As we embark on this adventure, we will document everything from the photography stops, the food breaks, and even the stretch points, with the goal of showcasing how easy it is to just get out there and discover new destinations not too far from a place we call home.

This trip started before we even pressed the pedal on the car, we had a lot of planning to do. Planning involved all four of us, we’re all photographers and our go-to tool to document everything was our camera; so clearing memory cards and charging batteries was step number one.

TARGA SUV - Jeep Wrangler

Next we planned our route, we could have gone anywhere, as long as it was within the range of six hours of course. We narrowed our destinations down to two places; so just north of Montreal, there is one of the most accessible National Parks called Mont Tremblant, it is known for its famous village/ski town in the winter time, but also for its wide variety of activities to please the families, the tourists and us, the adventure seekers. We’ve probably been to Mont Tremblant about 100 times (exaggerating) but every time, there’s just always something to do and we were certain that it wouldn’t let us down; so this was a given.

When choosing our second destination, we had created a storyboard involving scenic landscapes. What better place to go to than the Adirondacks, in the United States; the road had mountains surrounding us every corner. When returning, we had planned that sunset was gonna be definitely something to capture. It was breathtaking indeed.

A key factor in the decision to go here was the distance, we had one day so a 2 hour ride there and a 2 hour ride back definitely complimented our itinerary. The Adirondacks are known for multiple peaks and hiking ventures, but it is also known for their camping grounds, so we knew exactly that the Jeep would integrate just fine.

TARGA SUV - Jeep Wrangler
TARGA SUV - Jeep Wrangler


We embarked on this trip Friday evening, where we picked up the car (Jeep Wrangler) and headed straight to Tremblant National Park. Often, people go to Tremblant early in the morning to get a head start on their day and do as many activities as they can, activities include hiking, canoeing, camping, biking and the list goes on.

Our goal was to arrive right before sundown, and find the perfect location to capture the Jeep under the stars. We were being chased by sundown so we didn’t have much time, until we turned the corner and found a small bridge; parked the car, walked back to position ourselves and worked the shot.There was multiple steps in producing this picture, as it took almost 2 hours to set up. As you can see, it was worth the wait.

Parc Mont-Tremblant - vue du Jeep Wrangler et de la voie lactée
Mont-Tremblant Parc - view of the Jeep Wrangler and the Milky Way

As we started packing up, it was around 1:30 am, and a park ranger drove by, we explained to him what we were doing as he looked more than confused. Kind enough, he suggested we try going to this spot down by the river. Initially we didn’t take his word for it, as we were tired, but while we were driving back, something was pushing us to go and so we went.

The place that the ranger suggested was not very accessible by car as it was near the river, but good thing we had the car to even get us there in the first place. We park the car, walk for 10 minutes, we look up in the sky, and there it was, the famous Milky Way.

We’ve attempted to capture it countless times, but we were always sidetracked by either light pollution or unsuspected cloudy weather. At this moment, we were so grateful because we indirectly attempted to “shoot the stars”. After a couple snapshots, we decided to call it a day as we all bundled up in the Jeep and went to sleep, as we have another big day to the Adirondacks.


Today is the day, road trip to the United States of America, how ironic because the USA is almost the epitome of road trips, everyone loves to drive from east to west, or vice versa. You hear so many stories about people driving across the country and having the time of their lives. We were just driving 2 hours into the state of New York, but we felt that energy, the energy that we mentioned above about how cars give us the feeling of liberation, and it’s crazy that we felt it as soon as we crossed the border.

TARGA SUV  - View of the Adirondacks
TARGA  SUV - View of the Adirondacks

Part one of our route consisted of this destination called the Lower Cascade Lake, it was right along highway 73, as you drive towards cascade mountain. Highway 73 is the route people usually take to get to the Adirondacks coming from the border; one thing people don’t realize is the potential in viewing points along the way, as they just rush to their destination. We chose this spot because it represented the Adirondacks fairly well. We parked the car diagonally along this stop, and placed ourselves so we could see the mountains on both sides of the Jeep and the lake (Lower Cascade Lake) flowing in the background. This moment was an adventure seekers representation in one frame, the road trip type car, the mountain environment and the natural flow of the lake.

The second spot we visited was also along the way towards Whiteface mountain. This area is commonly known from the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980, so right away you can tell that the village is full of tourists, but the type of tourists that indulge in these activities. There was a welcoming feeling when we arrived in the town of Keene, it felt natural and we were feeling all sorts of gratitude as we took part as “tourists” in a small town that has been developed into a common area.

We parked the car lakeside, and grabbed a bite to eat before we went on to our next stop. Throughout the trip, we really wanted to showcase the Jeep in a natural environment, show its capabilities and demonstrate how useful the car could be, so part of location scouting had to involve these three criterias.

As we drive to our next destination (Flume Falls), we pass by this forest that seems to be an old camp out area, we spotted a road that drove into the forest and we decided to drive in, because why not. For us, the thrill in discovering a new destination or a new spot, is just rewarding because it’s something we couldn’t have planned. We parked the car in this spot where it was surrounded by trees, the area was cleared up for tents and a fire pit, but we set up a hamac and tied one end to the car and the other to a tree.

Jeep Wrangler - Targa SUV

This picture represented all campers, all adventurers and all the people that appreciate the comfort of a hamac. Ironic enough, we were talking about discovery and at one point we just stopped talking and all we heard was the sound of rushing water. Curious enough, we followed the sound of water by feet, we heard it getting louder and louder but it just wasn't in sight. So out of a spark of curiosity, we packed up and hoped in the car, with the windows down listening for the sound of what seemed to be like waterfalls; having no data on our phones didn’t help but was still rewarding that we were able to drive and find the falls by listening to the sound of water.

The last spot on our list involves a place we involuntarily discovered, it is called the Flume Falls right along highway 86, near the town of Wilmington and Whiteface Mountain. This spot concluded our destination list as it was nearing sunset, and we were all so tired, but arriving to these falls ignited that little bit of energy we had left in us. We decided to walk down all the way onto the rocks of the falls, and started snapping pictures, the best part is that there was around four other people, it felt calming and relaxing and we definitely couldn’t have got to this spot without the utility of the Jeep. We decided to grab another bite to eat as we approached the end of our adventurous day.

Concluding the trip was difficult, but we were ready to call it a day; the Adirondacks had a ton to offer for photographers like us, but it takes multiple days to say you really completed the area. The weekend getaways and the ventures like these will always trump the 2 week long vacations, you feel a certain escape and the feeling is just indescribable. The fact that you’re spending a quarter of the amount that you would spend for a flight just makes it even more rewarding, but to top it off, is the fact that it’s right in our own backyard. Needless to say, we’d like to thank Discount car and truck rentals and their team for giving us this opportunity to go out and do what we unconditionally love, it’s the small partnerships that spark curiosity and a share of values within each other that allow us to create something even more meaningful.



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