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A cargo van—essentially a type of light truck—is an easy-to-rent option many of our customers just love. Recently some young business owners rented a cargo van at Discount Car and Truck Rentals to move their graphic design studio. We caught up with them during our customer satisfaction survey.

“Not only did we manage to do the move in a single trip, but it was easy to fit the chairs, drafting tables, computers, electronics, and even the photocopier, with the van we got from Discount Car and Truck Rental.

“I’m not much of a driver, so I really appreciated how our van handled. Especially in town. It didn’t feel like I was driving a big truck, which makes all the difference when you’re threading your way through city traffic. I actually had fun driving this type of vehicle!”

At Discount Car and Truck Rentals, you can rent your truck by the hour; there’s even a self-serve option. And it doesn’t hurt our cargo vans’ popularity that we now offer a number of rental packages to fit your particular needs. Many customers, for example, are looking for one-way rentals so they can drop their vehicle off at a different branch than the one they got it from. So we’ve made that option available.

Another story from our survey—you’ve probably heard of this kind of thing before: Person A offered to give friend B their old couch, but only if B could come and pick it up. What to do? With a cargo van rented by the hour—problem solved!

Discount Car and Truck Rentals even lets you rent your van by cell phone. No more need for an app either, because Discount Car and Truck Rentals now offers a dedicated online smartphone platform. Just go to discountlibre.com and you’re in the driver’s seat!
Fill out your profile on your smartphone, find the cargo van nearest you, and reserve. Nothing to it. You can even unlock the door with your phone!

Traditional vans like the GMC are highly sought after and popular year-round with customers of all sorts. At Discount Car and Truck Rentals though we also have more contemporary vans like the Ford Transit.

Let’s take a closer look at the specs for GMC’s cargo van. The two seats with armrests are comfortable for long distances. The transmission is automatic for easy, stress-free driving.
Cargo vans give you big door openings and lots of storage capacity. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in it and how easy it is to load boxes and other items of various shapes and sizes. Here are the basic dimensions:

The right-side doors can really come in handy in town when you’re loading off the sidewalk. Check out these generous side-door dimensions:

You can see we’re not kidding around when we say this is a handy van. There are plenty of slots for attaching ropes and straps to keep items from sliding around. Tire change equipment is also out where you can see it, just in case.

Rental vans are winning converts in many different fields. Remodelling contractors, general fixer-uppers, landscapers, second-homeowners, film-industry producers, and event organizers are increasingly renting cargo vans to move materials and equipment.

Custom packages

We at Discount Car and Truck Rentals have developed custom cargo van packages in response to what our customers have been telling us. That means you can now rent your van with a choice of packages like unlimited kilometres, by the hour, one-way, urban-only or rural-only, or long-distance travel.

For your custom package, just call 1-844-562-2886 or book online at discountquebec.com.

Into camping?

Did you know you that Discount Car and Truck Rentals has Safari Condos? A Discount Car and Truck Rentals has Safari Condos is a cargo van converted for camping.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals even has RVs and trailers!


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