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Location affaires automobiles


Wherever you have to go, we will find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

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Location affaires remorques


Our trailer can be rented with or without a truck. They can be opened or closed and they contain an important storage capacity.

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location de camions pour entreprise


Our trucks are between 12 and 26 feet long. You’ll definitely find the one to meet your needs and so satisfy your customers.

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Location affaires minibus


This is the perfect vehicle for shuttle services or team transportation. Our bus may contains from 5 to 15 persons.

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Location affaires fourgonnettes


Perfect for small delivery. It can also be used to transport material to an event for example.

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Location affaires camionettes

Pickup Truck

From the plumber to the landscape gardener, our van will allow you to transport your products without any trouble. Contact us to know our different models.

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Location affaires sprinter


Practical for the local baker who wishes to deliver his fresh products to his customers. This vehicle is very handy and easy to drive.

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Location affaires camions réfrigéré

Refrigerated Truck

The refrigerated truck allows you to deliver foods like fruits, vegetables or frozen foods at any time. It keeps them fresh.

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location affaires nacelles


The nacelle is often used to install decoration or to wash the windows of a high building.

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location affaires transit


Used to the transport of parcel or of mail. The transit’s small size allows travelling downtown without blocking any road while stopping.

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benne basculante

Tip-up truck

Often used in the field of the construction and by the landscape gardener. It is often rented for the transport of black ground, sand or logs.

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