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At Discount Car and Truck Rentals, we offer high-quality service year round.

Take landscapers for example—vehicle maintenance costs shouldn’t hurt their bottom line. With the purchase of a truck, costs are significantly higher because it must be maintained not only during peak season, but in the off-season too.

Doing business with Discount Car and Truck Rentals during landscaping season is a great way to avoid the many direct and indirect costs of purchasing a truck.

Have a snow removal job and need a truck with a snow plow?

Use one of our trucks and boost your snow removal company’s profitability. Trucks require regular maintenance, which reduces your overall profit.

A truck rental can help you optimize profits without having to worry about seasonal maintenance or the purchase of tires.

Summer is the best time for pool and spa installation, but demand can be so high your regular fleet can’t keep up. Many companies rent our trucks to temporarily expand their fleet during the busy season.

For example, a pool and spa company we deal with rents additional vehicles from Discount Car and Truck Rentals for deliveries and uses its regular fleet for installation. That way, it can serve more clients each day and boost productivity. Florists use the same strategy when their business picks up on days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

In short, Discount Car and Truck Rentals helps you remain competitive, even during periods of high demand.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals is also available for your favorite seasonal sports. For example, you can use our services to transport boats and recreational vehicles at the start and end of the hunting and fishing season.

We also offer bucket truck service to help you install Christmas decorations at big box stores.

Discount has a solution for your every need!

Discount Car and Truck Rentals offers its commercial customers, the most important rental trucks network in Quebec. More than 160 branches offer a large fleet of vehicles ranging from specialized cranes, trucks of all sizes to convertible and compact cars. The branches are run by locals who are anxious to serve the clientele of their community. It offers its users a wide range of motor vehicles in all categories, trucks of all sizes for moving, prestige vehicles, convertibles, minibuses, electric cars, SUVs and also specialized trucks.

Our fleet of vehicles for commercial customers includes a wide range of vehicles: refrigerated trucks, vans, bucket truck, cranes in various sizes, trailers as well as 15 passengers minibuses and 8 passengers vans.

Trucks for all your needs

At Discount Car and Truck Rentals, our sales organization is able to answer all your needs and this, throughout Quebec (we even have adapted vehicles, like a wheelchair accessible vehicles with side access)!

Check out our virtual catalog for all types of trucks and specialized trucks we offer : click here


Cargo Van

SAVANA or equivalent

Cargo Van
Vehicle information
Cargo space L: 11pi l: 4.71pi H: 4pi
Loading capacity 2 860 Lbs
Accommodation type Studio
  • Driver's license class 5 required
  • Minimum age : 21
  • Clearance height : 6.8
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12 foot cube truck

12 foot or equivalent

12 foot cube truck
Vehicle information
Cargo space L: 12pi l: 6.67pi H: 6.5pi
Loading capacity 3 250 Lbs
Accommodation type House 2 bedrooms
  • Driver's license class 5 required
  • Minimum age : 21
  • Clearance height : 10.6
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« Thank you for choosing such good employees. The staff at the branch is very professional and courteous. He grants me so much courtesy every time and I praise every week in my big period of landscaping.  »
- Sebag J.
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