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Performance and comfort

Are you planning a family outing or an adventure with friends? If so, the standard SUV is perfect for you! With this type of vehicle, you will find the right balance between performance, comfort and economy. Its interior offers ample space to sit up to 5 people comfortably as well as the cargo space required for their luggage.

Our models such as the Edge, Explorer and Acadia are ideal for a family getaway or a long road-trip, are equipped with features specific to SUV vehicles, making driving enjoyable and easy. Offering excellent reliability and maneuverability, you'll be able to hit the road safely in a standard SUV.

Standard SUV- Gand Cherokee model
VUS standard - modèle Gand Cherokee

Travel without worries

With a fuel tank of 70 liters and a fuel consumption of 11 L / 100KM, you can travel without having to constantly worry about frequent stops at gaz stations. No matter where your journey takes you, the standard SUV is the perfect vehicle to get there. Its practical advantages, its comfort and its curves both sporty and elegant will meet your needs, and more.

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Standard SUV vehicles
Make the right choice

Travelling in winding paths?

You might be interested in the Targa SUV. Have a look!


Standard SUV vehicles

NOTE : All rental cars in Canada are equipped with automatic transmissions. Do not hesitate to ask the customer agent for assistance.

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