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A camping trip

Maybe you’re a veteran camper or perhaps this is your first time and you don’t have the right equipment. Did you know that with Discount Car and Truck Rentals, you can rent a travel trailer, recreational vehicle (in Quebec) or even a truck camper? No more excuses—you’ll soon be ready to set off for an adventure with all the comforts of recreational vehicle (RV)!

Many of our customers have told us they prefer to rent and try out a certain model before making a purchase. Others have said they prefer to rent a travel trailer for their first camping experience. There are many good reasons for hitting the road with a recreational vehicle from Discount Car and Truck Rentals.

An experienced advisor will take the time to give you all the information and training you need to make your RV vacation a success.

What our customers enjoy most about camping in Quebec is the friendliness they find at the almost 900 campsites in our province. They tell us that our recreational vehicles, as well as our travel trailers, motorhomes, Safari-Condos, and camper trucks are hotels for the great outdoors where they enjoy making memories with family and fellow campers who join them for games on the beach. What a perfect setting for meeting new friends in the camping community while you make the most of your coveted vacation time!

Vacationers from France love renting a recreational vehicle from Discount Car and Truck Rentals. They can’t wait to hit the road in a camper van or motorhome. Many seasoned campers take the time to carefully plan their vacation in Quebec, reserving a recreational vehicle and their ideal camping spot well in advance.

With Discount Car and Truck Rentals, you can rent a pickup and a travel trailer together. Ask one of our specialists to help you choose the best vehicle for your camping trip.

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The success of our company is in the ability to provide quality service and vehicles in order to ensure the loyalty of our customers.


Went with these guys despite other bad reviews, mostly because we had no choice, everywhere else had no cars. They were actually really friendly and helpful, and were also the cheapest we could find. The car was in good condition and ran well.

Chris T.
Discount customer
Downtown Montreal