Hourly self-service rentals


Ecosocial solution


Gas and protection included


No registration fees

Take possession of your truck with no delays, no waiting!

Once you complete your free registration, simply choose the vehicle you need and make an hourly or daily reservation. Your rental will be charged directly to the credit card number you gave us when you registered.

Our hourly rental rates are very competitive, and include gas and protection!

All our rates

*Taxes and mileage not included. 59ยข/km. Valid driver’s license required. Some restrictions apply: Click here for more information.

Ecosocial solution

Sure, our innovative concept is economical, but it also plays a social role because we lend our self-service trucks to local charities free-of-charge.

What’s more, short-term, local rentals of utility vehicles reduce the number of trucks in our cities simply because the same truck is used by many different people. This is in line with contemporary approaches to mobility and improving urban traffic flow.

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How it works.

1. Register for free

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can rent your vehicle immediately.

2. Reserve

Reserve online for rentals by the hourly or daily. It’s quick and easy!

3. Unlock

Go to your rental truck, log in to your account, and unlock the doors via your smartphone.

4. Drive

Do what you need to do with your truck and return it to exactly the same place at the end of your rental period.

To take the road with us, you must simply :